Sunday, November 3, 2013

I'm going to freaking eat that frog.

One of the cool things about blogging and reading blogs, and doing other bloggy things, is you discover some pretty cool people with some pretty interesting things to say.  I try to share the ones I love the most here, although I am not always so great with the links.  I've been reading Simple Mom off and on for a few years, and I've been more off than on as of late.  This morning, through a series of links from other blogs, I ended up on her blog again.  She's written another book, this one called One Bite at a Time.  I read the first chapter and was hooked right off with her use of the following quotation:
"Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day."
Mark Twain
What the heck is she saying with this?  Figure out the important things that need to be done, take the suckiest one you don't want to do the most, and get it done first.  Simple right?  Tsh goes on to say her frog is exercise...and I bought the book.  Because, while I don't hate exercising, I hate the act of getting off my ass and starting.  And I've been saying, over the past few weeks, that I just need to get up and work out and get it out of the way, and my life will be so much better.

So my first little project - finding and eating my frog - is to wake up and exercise.  And I will start tomorrow morning.  This is a good time to start this, having fallen back this morning.  I'll feel like it's not so very early, right? 

Just to defend my rather disjointed writing here - the Boy is listening to people play Magic  while I'm writing, and I can't freaking concentrate on what I'm trying to say.  I think I'm just going to bed.  I have to be up early, after all.

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Farmgirl Susan said...

That quote cracked me up. I love the idea of getting your 'frog' out of the way in the morning. Now to actually do it! ;)

P.S. You DO look adorable in that high school photo. It's amazing how hard we can be on ourselves - and how hard it can be to be in 5th grade (or any grade). I feel for you both. :)