Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hey baby, what's happening, let's groove.

I've stopped by here and stared at the screen several times over the past month, trying to prod my brain into making words.  It just wasn't happening.  Stuff is happening and all, I just haven't felt like writing.  But today I do.  Feel like writing, I mean.  Just a little of what's going on lately...

1.  My guy got a new job.  Which is great - he wasn't happy at his last company, and this is feeling good so far.  He started two weeks ago, and the week before he was off, looking forward, I'm sure, to a week alone with his wife.  And I was sick, the whole week.  Nasty, stomach sick.  Did not make for a fun week, for either of us.  Although I did discover the trainwreck that is "Hard Core Pawn."  Hours of mindless, drool out the corner of your mouth viewing.  I've stayed away since, but dread that day I'm feeling sick and sitting on the couch staring at people screaming expletives about being ripped off.

2.  I had an interview recently.  Crossing fingers, toes, hair follicles...wish me luck, please.

3.  My son and I are hooked on The Mentalist.  Really great show.  We're on the second season right now; don't tell me what happens!  My daugther tries to watch with us, but she spends half the show asking questions like, "Did they find the killer yet?" (it is 15 minutes in and you've been watching the whole time) or "Who's RedJohn?" (seriously?)  We watch a lot without her.

4.  Still working on Relay.  We're only halfway to our team goal, and only 2 months to go.  I really need to get my rear into gear - help!

5.  My girl is doing a play this month - Aristocats.  She is in the chorus.  We'll see after if she has been bitten by the theater bug.

6.  I've taken a bunch of pictures lately that I will post this week.  I spent some time with the twinlets on Thursday and took tons - they are getting so big and precious and I love playing with them.  The only kids that make me think, very very briefly, that I'd like to have more.  I won't, but they make me think.  And then I realize I'd have to raise twin teenage girls, and I laugh at their mom.  Heehee.

I'd like to chat more, but I think that's enough for today.  I'm going to write down the other stuff, though; now that I'm thinking words again (yeah, you read that right, and that's what I meant,) I need to spend some time here.  Stay shiny!

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