Friday, June 15, 2012

What, oh what, do we do with a teenager during the summer?

I have a lot to say about our first few weeks of summer.  We've had 4-H camp and soccer camp, and Relay For Life, which took up a great deal of my time and energy over the past couple of months.  But today I want to talk about other things - specifically, the Summer List.

I love reading other people's blogs.  I love crafty blogs, and thrifty living blogs, and, oddly enough, crunchy-type blogs about people living on homesteads and whatnot.  Most of all, though, I love parenting blogs - blogs by regular moms like me, who have much better ideas.  A few years ago I discovered the "Summer Lists", listing all the fun things the author wanted to do with her family that summer (I don't remember the first blog I found this on,) and I started making them myself, because, yay, what fun!  The problem with all these fun lists and mama blogs is, nobody I've liked seems to have a teenage boy!  Even the fun lists I've found for teens list mostly girl activities.  My boy likes to go outside and run around, but most of his friends like to spend most of their time inside, playing video games (which is what he's doing with his best friend, right now.) 

So I have a teen boy, a rather surly teen boy, by the way, and a drama queen of a tween girl, who both, oddly enough, still like to do things with me.  And I need to find things that both will enjoy, that won't cost too much money, and will make them happy without stressing me out.  The boy loves the zoo, so we'll probably try to get there once, and the girl loves to swim, and we'll do that a lot.  Our local parks department has a dodgeball and disc golf program in which I'll enlist the boy.  I really wish he had some other hobbies - even something nice and geeky like Magic or something.  Some other ideas:

1.  Paintball/laser tag
2.  Disc golf

Yeah, I really need help.  Any ideas?

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