Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Ramblings

I saw this sign at the zoo last week. It really needs to be a t-shirt.
I took my kids to work with me today. They spent the first 3 hours fighting with each other, while I made phone calls and grew frustrated with the painters who would not let me get to my desk or computer. I realize how lucky I am that I can bring my kids to work with me occasionally, but I really wanted to knock their heads together. After lunch I put the Boy to work unpacking the new conference chairs and the Girl shredded documents for 3 hours. Stuff was done.
I would like to get a bunch of cleaning done quickly so I can spend the rest of the weekend chilling. My husband and I are having our first date since the start of baseball season, and I want to spend the rest of the weekend reading and sleeping. I love reading and sleeping.
Ooh, and maybe doing something arty-crafty. And taking some pictures, which I have not been doing enough of lately.
But now I'm going upstairs, where my bed is waiting, very impatiently.

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