Sunday, March 6, 2011


I find that is my standard title for a blog post I make when I just feel like rambling. Like today - I spent the day in the following way:
-woke up too early considering the late hour at which I went to bed. Drank too much coffee and got a stomachache, but very much enjoyed finishing the book I was reading, the second Sookie Stackhouse novel. Good fun. And my stomache feels better.
-put away some laundry, then ran errands - delivering Pampered Chef from my recent party and Girl Scout cookies. Which I really need to stop eating. Thin Mints are very addictive; even when I don't want to eat them, I do. Ran to the grocery to do the weekly shopping, and get Mom's stuff. She hurt her back this week and is having some major trouble functioning. She is getting an MRI tomorrow - hopefully whatever it is can be fixed quickly and with little complication.
-Got home, put away the groceries, and took out the sewing machine to (finally) sew my daughter's Girl Scout patches on her sash. Yeah, I'm the leader and my daughter is the last one to have her patches sewn on. Sadly, that is the only thing I've used my sewing machine for in a year. I need to get together with my friend A again; she always inspires me to sew.
We finished watching the Firefly series on Friday night, and watched the movie Serenity again last night (my son wanted to see it.) I am really sad - it was over too fast. It was really such a very good show, why on earth did they cancel it. Also, and I will apologize in advance for any sensitive males out there - I am about to start objectifying again - it was truly a very aesthetically pleasing show. Males and females both. Nathan Fillion was the captain, and you all know my thoughts on him. But the character of Jayne (my husband's favorite,) played by Adam Baldwin, had biceps the size of tree trunks that I just want to lick. And the doctor, Simon. Never thought much of him...until he was shirtless in the final episode, and in the movie. Oh. My. Goodness. Sean Maher, my dear, dear man, you have the finest sculpted torso. I must share with my lovely readers the glory that is your naked torso, for their own mental health, of course.

Seriously, did you even guess that that was hiding under all those clothes? Such lovely definition, beautiful tapering, sigh. I wish it was a better picture, but our sweet Sean has not spent much time posing. Thank you, kind Joss Whedon, for gifting the female watchers of the series with such a sight.

I thought I was done with the Pokemon when my son outgrew it. Unfortunately, he decided to share it with the Girl, who has become quite the fan. Of course, they spend hours playing the Pokemon, watching the Pokemon, sharing cards...and not fighting. I guess I will not dis the Pokemon.

Still looking for a new job. I applied recently for a position in which I am really desperately interested. Please send good, successful thoughts that the hiring manager call me for an interview. I think I will do well in an interview with this gentleman. He reminds me of my husband.

Speaking of the husband, he has kindly made dinner for me again - gumbo. Not my favorite, but he likes it, and I don't have to cook. This weekend has been a lazy one, lacking exercize or healthy food, but I do have a new workout DVD to try tomorrow, and I'm looking forward to getting back in a groove. You all have a spectacular Sunday!

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