Friday, September 25, 2009

30 Days of Happiness: Days 16-on and on

I have been so remiss in posting lately. So I thought, since I haven't caught up on my days of happiness (and I've been happy, don't get me wrong) I would just add a list:

16. It's been raining. Finally. We hadn't had rain in so long. Things are finally getting green again.

17. My brother is back in town. The kiddles are thrilled.

18. First day of autumn! I love fall - it's my favorite season. I took my camera to the arboretum to take pictures of the changing trees and the autumn wildflowers. So pretty.

19. Yesterday my brother and I went to a job fair, up in Sharonville. A long drive for a rather sucky job fair - they had 3 "multi-level sales opportunities" as well as an Army National Guard recruiter and a temp agency. Very few actual companies looking for employees. We did, however, get to stop at Red Robin for lunch on our way home. Yum.

20. I get to go to the Halloween store with my darling nephew today. He's such a pumpkin.

21. I won 4 free tickets to Shadowbox - a cabaret/rock and roll club in Newport. I'm going tonight. I love this place, so I'm totally psyched.

22. I've written about my other two cats - this is Bug. She is my only little girl kitty, and she's as sweet as can be. We got her at only 3 weeks old - she was abandoned in a dumpster, along with the rest of her litter. My mom's next door neighbor's son rescued them, and we took Bug. I had to lift her into her litter box, she was so tiny. She has an oral fixation, too - she'll lick any exposed amount of skin, a lot. She is a loud purrer, and she has what sounds like a smokers voice - which she uses a lot when she wants a treat, which is always. Buggy is my Monkeybutt's cat - he was only 1 when we got her, so they've grown up together. We adore this cat - she's just lovely.


Donna said...

I'm loving your cat entries...but, am missing out on one...which date?? I thought I was caught up, but maybe not?

hi_missy said...

Oops, have I not loved on Finnegan yet? I'll have to get on that.