Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friendship, connections, independence...

For the second time - I have composed a long post and lost it before I could post it. I am starting to get very frustrated. I suppose I will have to take precautions.
For the last time, I will attempt to relay the past week or so...
Went to a movie last Saturday with a friend. Movie was ok. Friend was great. I am really enjoying having friends to see movies with. I did not have many friends in Chicago - have many friends here...very happy. Oh, the movie was "The Other Bolyn Girl."
Sister got engaged. Not particularly happy about it. Husband kept me awake all night, worried and angry. Decided not going to allow sister's decisions to affect my family. I can support her and not her choices.
Last night Mom blew out a tire. Called all freaky like. Went and changed the tire. (got help from nice passer guy when I couldn't find the right place to jack up the car, but that was it) I changed it myself. Haven't changed tire in 16 years. Proud and independent woman.
Not supposed to rain today. Hoorah!

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Sharie said...

Missy!! Good to "see" you again! Would ask what you've been up to, but I just read some of your Ramblings! You funny girl!

Anyway, that park is Clifty Falls in Indiana. You've got to go there! Easy 1 1/2 hr drive. The falls pretty much dry up in the summer I hear, so spring is probably the best time. Google it and go!