Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Have you looked at the calendar?

...and seen that summer is over halfway over? I checked my calendar this morning and realized that Monkeybutt is due to leave for camp in less than two weeks (and that the balance of his camp fees were due Saturday...don't worry, taken care of.) He's home for a week, we move Katie into her dorm, and they both start school. That's less than a month away, folks. I guess I'd better fit some serious merry-making into the next few weeks...of course I just got the new Harry Potter book, merry-making will have to wait. Here are some pictures from this summer...so far.
And Happy Birthday to my muy fabuloso MOM tomorrow!

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J said...

school starts in about 2 weeks for my gang!! summer definately flew by! glad ya'll got to enjoy it.