Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Responsibility Sucks

With each passing moment of my life I find being an adult more and more irritating, and being responsible for the behavior of others just plain sucks. Here are some examples:

Yesterday, the girl child and I went to the park to meet some friends. We were only going for a short time so I didn't pack any water or anything. And it was late in the afternoon, around 4. Instead of running and playing and having fun like children should when at the park, she first whined at me that no one would play with her (in other words, the children were not gathering about her and proclaiming her glory), and then that she was so deathly thirsty. I said we would go on home; it was just about time anyway, and she starts whining even louder that she didn't want to but she was so thirsty. This is not typical behavior or anything, and I'm sure everyone has days with their kids like this, but it just added to my "I don't wanna grow up" attitude I had been feeling all day.

I moderate a group of women online. They are a fabulous group and we have all become very close. Right now two of the women to speak. Not out and out arguing, just sniping. A topic, which should have been dropped days ago, is continuing to be posted about, and people are starting to take sides and say snide little things like, "some people..." (Donna, I am not posting this specifically to you, I am just getting annoyed about it and want to vent somewhere I don't have to worry about people harping on it). Anyway, these women really should be above this sort of behavior. And I'm stuck wondering if I should jump in and tell everyone to just drop it, or just let it play out. Because I'm afraid this is going to continue for awhile. Again, responsibility sucks.

Well, now my train of thought is being interrupted by Spongebob's opposite day (and how many times have I seen this one?) See? See what snipey women do to me? I start attacking Spongebob, an innocent party in all this. Ack.
(Donna, again, please do not be offended by this one, I'm just feeling whiny and annoyed.)
Ah well, should get back to being an adult.


Donna said...

Not offended...actually stood up for her with thoughts that she was directing those snipes at her parents or hubby's ex....but, in retrospect can see where she's probably just being spiteful, because since it's not specific, it's legal sort of thing. sigh
And...maybe some humor could deflect it all back onto our right track of caring about each other??? Who knows!

hi_missy said...

Yeah, but unfortunately we cannot be humorous because it will just be repeated 100 times. I'm getting a headache trying to separate any new posts from the old.
Ah well, tomorrow is another day.